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Sunday, March 12, 2006

From chicken to champion?

To Bukit Timah Hill, 57 km. Yesterday has tired me out. A roadie passes me this morning. Ordinarily, I'd chase. But not today. In fact, I want to chicken out, save my $25 race fee, put on my slick tyres and forget about racing off road. But I'd already asked N to show me the race route today. And my ego is bigger than that hill. Today is the first time I've: a) done the entire loop (instead of parts of it); b) fallen on the hill (after I shout at some hikers; why do they hike here when there are far more places to hike than bike on this island); and c) done the loop solo (I don't want to, but N says I should go a second round after her ride with me. Two riders blast past me and I stop to let a third pass). I pay N the "tuition fee" by buying her lunch. Next week will be the second off road race in my life; the first was in 2004. I'm glad I got a mountain bike to replace my Iron Horse.

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