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Saturday, February 04, 2006

Swept away

To Mandai, 71 km. Today's bike leader is HCK. She decides to take the rear. As I lead, a shaft of sunlight breaks through the trees. It's majestic, clear and I can take it at face value. Unlike the ritual of "we're riding slowly today", which became "look, we're in front, how did that happen". And soon, they are out of hailing range. What a fine turn of events. I'm in the ride, wanting to help out as a sweeper. As it turns out, I am a sweeper but not by choice, as the guy roadies and nuclear-powered SY drop me. I have my revenge on some other roadies on the return leg, as I drop them. Heh heh. At one stop to regroup, HCK tries out my little Tank; she's privileged to be the first gal to ride it. During lunch, O tells me about one of his accidents. He didn't just break bone, he lost some of it, through infection. I've never seen a finger tip without bone before.

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