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Wednesday, March 31, 2004

Working, raining, sickening

Mar distance travelled: 691 km

To Woodlands, 39 km. I've been missing Wed night rides because I've been working or it's been raining or I've been ill. That's sickening. Tonight, I see people I've not seen before, all togged out in fierce-looking jerseys and bikes, cycling at a fierce pace. As I go at 46 km/h, one of them in knobbies shoots past me. I lead them to the sports school, where they do a few laps round the hill there. As we break outside the school gates, the surveillance camera has us in its sights. A security guard tells us to move. Well, we may be terrors on the road, but we're not terrorists. We adjourn to Casuarina Road, where service at our haunt has gone from good to worst after several management changes. There, B critiques my cycling style. GKT tells me B is a time trial champ.
Tech note My drive train has been behaving well since the Mersing ride. Nice, smooth and quiet.

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